Other-Contract-Machining smithstown2Precision turned parts, with automated machining processes.

At Smithstown UK, we offer a high precision, highly automated CNC Turning service to companies throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. We provide turned parts to a wide range of customers in industries such as Medical Devices, Aerospace, and Automotive and can machine a wide range to materials from tool steels or medical stainless steels to aluminium or medical plastics.

Smithstown UK can offer a total CNC turned parts solution to meet your needs. We have invested heavily in multi-axis MoriSeiki and Okuma Turn/Mill machining centres and Citizen Swizz Lathes, all of which allow us to offer our customers high precision parts manufactured, using a highly automated process, resulting in with reduced setup and labour costs for our customers. We have also invested in Studer OD/ID Grinding machines and Agathon Centreless grinders for high accuracy grinding of hardened steels

Our quality systems offer full product validation where necessary. With an in-house design team we can offer guidance from design to prototype to a fully validated production run. We can also cater for all requirements of machined components and CNC turned tarts throughout England and the UK.

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Resource list
Turning Department
– OD/ID & Centreless Grinding Department
  • 1 X Moriseiki NTX2000 Mill/Turn
  • 1 X Studer S21 OD/ID CNC Grinder
  • 1 X Moriseiki NLX1500 Mill/Turn
  • 1 X Studer S31 OD/ID CNC Grinder
  • 1 X Moriseiki NTX1000HSC Mill/Turn
  • 1 X Agathon Centreless Grinder Model 350SL
  • 1 X Okuma Multus B300 CNC 5 AXIS Mill/Turn
  • 1 X AgathonCentreless Grinder 150 – SL2
    • 1 X Citizen Cincom L20E-IX SLIDING HEAD Lathe
  • 1 X Jones & Shipman surface Grinder with Dedtru
  • 1 X Hardinge Talent 6/45 Lathe
  • 1 X Proturn 425 Lathe

Smithstown UK Capabilities:

  • SO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified
  • Full material or purchased part traceability
  • Environmental and temperature controlled QC laboratory
  • 4 x Carl Zeiss CMMs with 3d scanning heads, ideal for reverse engineering and digitizing
  • Six Sigma principles applied to volume production
  • 4 x OGP Smartscope vision inspection systems
  • Controlled QC laboratory environment
  • Product validation per FDA guidelines
  • PPAP, First Article Inspections, CMM reports, detailed Inspection /Calibration reports supplied with every job.
Turn/Mill Machining Centres Capabilities
  • Max turning Ø 610mm
  • Max part length1500mm
  • Spindle speed 20000RPM
  • Capto Backend increasing stability and accuracy
  • Through Spindle Cooling
  •  Simultaneous 5 Axis machining.
  • Tool storage capacity = 76
  • Bar Feed rate 40mtr per minute
OD/ID & Centreless Grinding
    • Distance between centres 650mm
    • Distance between centres 650mm
    • Centre height 175 mm (6.9″)
    • Roundness accuracy of under 0.0004 mm
Form and Thread grinding software enabling high accuracy grinding of threads,  curves and polygons.

Swiss Turning
Max Part Ø 20mm
Max Part length 80mm
Bar feeder, lights out manufacturing
Batch size mid to high volume.
Subspindle allows cross machining (simultaneously machining seperate operations on sepate parts being fed though the machine)
Live driven tooling on sub gangplate, allow machining of complex parts in one setup on one machine.
Materials Used
  • Wide range of Metals Machined

    • Carbon steels
    • Alloy steels
    • Tool steels
    • Stainless steel
    • Titanium
    • Aluminium
    • Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze and Cast Iron
    • Aviation Grade Steels – Inconel
    • Medical Grade Steels – 17-4ph, 440
  • Wide range of Plastics Machined

    • Acetals
    • Nylons
    • PTFE
    • PEEK
    • Tufnol
Machinery MoriSeiki, Okuma, Citizen, Studer, Agathon