Intricate and challenging machining projects are what we excel at!
– high speed milling

Our high speed milling machines provide the accuracy and precision. they also provide the efficiency needed, when milling high precision components such as mould cavities or intricate micro components. Our Roders RFM600 has spindle speeds up to 42,000 RPM. At these high rotational speeds, we are able to machine machine hardened or other exotic specialist steels. All our tooling is laser calibrated on the machine, which increases efficiency and overall machining performance.

We also manufacture all of our EDM electrodes onsite on our RFM600 HSM. Over our 40 year history in mould making, we have high speed milled thousands of intricate and challenging electrodes used for EDM machining 3d shapes into mould cavities.

Intricate and challenging machining projects is what we excel at!

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High Precision high speed milling in 5 Axis
Smithstown’s investment in several 5 axis milling machines guarantees that we have excellent HSM manufacturing capacity.

Both our roders RXP 600DSH5 machines offer spindle speeds of up to 36,000 RPM. We also have a Mikron 200ULP with a spindle speed of 50,000 RPM and 4 Mikron 400ULPs which are organised into two separate machining centres.

Each machining center consists of two machines fed by a System 3R robotic pallet loader. The 96 capacity robotic pallet loader ensures that our skilled operators can keep these machines running as needed while our operators can continue programming their next job (using Delcam Powermill) without disruption.

high speed milling - cnc milling uk

Our HSM Mikron 400ULP’s come  configured with the latest in technological advancements. These are aimed at ensuring increased environmental stability and control, increased precision, accuracy and repeatability:

  • Linear Drive technology;
  • Spindle Speeds up to 50,000 rpm;
  • Laser measured tool management;
  • Auto-calibration;
  • Intelligent terminal control (monitoring and compensating for external environment);
  • Chilled machining casting and spindle for increased accuracy;
  • Robotic pallet loaders for increased automation.

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