High speed fibre laser cutting services

Smithstown UK offer high speed laser cutting services on our Amada 3015AJ fibre laser cutter. The 3015AJ comes with an automatic pallet loader increasing automation on the machine and reducing labour overheads for our customers. The fibre laser cutter is highly accurate and can operate at minute tolerances over the entire bed of the machine.


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Why choose fibre laser cutting over CO2 laser cutting?

Traditional laser cutting systems were CO2 based and have been available over 20 years. Fibre laser cutting systems that were developed in the last ten years, had offer several advantages over the CO2 based systems.

  • Fibre laser cutting systems offer much higher speeds when cutting most materials. If compared with a CO2 machine equal in power, test have found fiber laser cutting to be on average up to three times quicker in cutting of a 1 mm mild, galvanized, or stainless steel sheet. The high speed attribute is an important advantage we can offer our customers.
  • Fibre laser cutting is highly accurate and highly consistent and repeatable. We are using our 3015AJ to cut blanks for medical bone saws, parts which are highly accurate and are subject to rigorous process validation.
  • Fibre laser cutters can cut reflective materials without damaging the laser generator. This allows us to cut traditionally hard to cut materials like copper, brass and aluminium.
  • Fibre laser cutters use no moving parts or mirrors in the laser generating process; this greatly lowers maintenance requirements, operating costs and also lowers the risk of downtime.
  • Fibre laser cutters offer much higher electrical efficiency, thereby further reducing operating costs.

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