jig grinding - grinding machine partsHigh Precision Jig Grinding on short lead times

Smithstown UK offer a high precision jig grinding service using our two Moore Jig Grinders. We typically grind seal diameters and gate areas, ejector pin, core pin and dowel holes. Our Moore jig grinders have a travel of approx 450mm x 250mm with a 300mm Z height capability and a 100mm stroke. These machines can also grind up to a 3° included angle while maintaining very tight relational tolerances. We also use Magna sine chucks, angle plates and other fixturing to grind more challenging jobs. We can grind diameters as small as 1.0mm, we can grind to a surface finish of .2 µ mm, all to within tolerances of 0.0025 mm.

Our jig grinding expert has over 35 year’s experience; such expertise and experience would be hard to match anywhere else. Quality is guaranteed.


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Capability Detail
Typical jobs seal diameters, gate ares, radii, arc’s pockets, tapers, accurate holes for ejector pins, core pins or dowel holes, and more..
Travel 450mm x 250mm
Z Height 300mm
Stroke 100mm
Minimum Ø 1mmØ
Maximum Ø approx 250mmØ
Surface Finish .2 µ mm
Ø Tolerances .0025mm
angled holes up to 3% included angle.
Steels machined wide range of tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum’s, titanium, carbide, inconel, brass, bronze and more

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